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Mention the R word and it puts him off. Too many people are ready with unwarranted advise. The funny part is Sachin may have never even asked for it! The call is his.

He knows when to call it a day, Dr Thakur says of his most famous. Shiridi Sai baba The saint of shirdi was born on , 8. World War 1 prediction by Astrologer B. Suryanarain Rao One of the most outstanding prediction covered the break of the outbreak of World War I, which was an event that no one, when it was made, could have imagined would take place by analyzing planetary positions on April There will be sudden outbursts of passion and excitement among the allies leading to anarchy and denunciation of old kingly authoritythe war fever will be at its highest pitch.

After giving details of likely troubles in different parts of Europe professor Rao continued Two deaths among European royalties are indicated and one will be from violence or treachery Political relation all over the world will be highly excited during the months of August and September on account of the solar and lunar eclipses following one after the other with in a fortnight Exactly as foreseen by him, royal couples were shot to death, and world war started in August Murli Manohar Joshi, former Union minister of human resource development introduced astrology as a degree level study program in Indian universities.

Dr Murali manohar joshi was born on at For a political leader the conditions detailed below must be satisfied. Strong 6th house ensured success in ones efforts and victory over enemies. The 3rd house mars and mercury should be strong to be a good orator and forceful speaker to be able to impress public with his view point.

Saturn should be stronger as it is the planet of democracy. The royal planet sun should be stronger as it represents government and moon which rules image in public.

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Generalized rules of learning Venus in 4th- music Mercury in 4th or 5th astrology Mercury in 2nd and Jupiter in astrology Mercury in 2nd aspected by mars-mathematics Sun and moon, mercury-2nd- metaphysics Mercury and mars in 2nd logic Saturn Jupiter and moon in 5th philosophy Jupiter in 2nd traditional subjects Association of Jupiter and lord of 4th and mars in Scorpio-philosophy. Jupiter and Venus- life sciences The 2nd lord and Jupiter in a Kendra or trikona learned in different branches of knowledge.

Mercury strong-Statistics, mathematics, astrology, commerce, teaching, linguistics. Aquarius with Jupiter in 4th being 5th lord, mercury and Venus in 9th, Saturn in 10th -fine arts. Jupiter-philosophy, religion, education, teaching, law. Jupiter in 10th with Saturn legal education Saturn-Agriculture, geology, engineering, architecture. Mars- Engineering, chemistry, mining military, science and surgery.

Venus-Fine arts, textiles, dramatics Moon-Study of fluids, nursing, biology, marine, horticulture, gemology Mercury mars ketu connection to 5th software engineering. Jupiter in 9th as 10th lord and Saturn aspecting 10th career in Law. Sun ketu connection to 10th medical. Rags to Riches The following chart belongs to a person who literally rose from rags to riches.

The native was born on , 1. The native is believed to have come to Chennai during ketu Dasa kuja Bhukti with a mere Rs in his pocket. He has amassed more than 40 lacks from brokerage in real estate transactions in 3 years in Venus- Venus period. D1 Strong Venus is in 3rd house Taurus combined with 9th lord mars, significator of landed property and 10th lord Jupiter in 4th house.

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Venus in 3rd house with mars showing self effort. Strong 5th lord moon is in 5th with mercury 7th lord indicating independent profession. DTaurus is raising with Venus in 9th aspecting the 3rd house. Look at the strong 4th house with 3rd lord moon in 4th combining 4th lord sun and mars confirming his profession in real estate. If my memory serves properly both are born in sir Ganga ram hospital.

Houses Pertaining to Foreign Education

Rehan Gandhi was born on , 4. Maria Gandhi was born on , 6. Source of birth data- News report by Eenadu, the largest daily of Andhra Pradesh. KP astrology for education 4 Th Cusp will denote moderate education. Tagged 4th cusp, 9th cusp, cusp, KP, star lord, sub lord Musical talent yogas Music and astrology Music and astrology have their origin in Vedas. Music and astrology have a divine origin There are 7 key notes of music reflect sound waves originating from 7 grahas.

Shri Nandamuri Balakrishna horoscope is one of the best horoscopes with several raja yoga in the birth chart. Gajakesari yoga and Adhi yoga which made NTR a legend is also present in the horoscope of Sri Balakrishna which made him carry his fathers legacy Notable Yogas Bhadra mahapurusha yoga, Hamsa mahapurusha yoga, Gajakesari yoga, Dharmakarmadhipati yoga Adhi yoga Vimala yoga Vimala yoga is making him philanthropic by nature running charitable Basavatarakam cancer hospital.

Shri Bala Krishna is born in ketu ruled Nakshatram making him spiritual person and strong Jupiter and mercury bestowed him interest in astrology. Venus karaka for films is strongly placed in his own sign vrishabha rasi endowing him artistic talents and strong moon in 7th house of public making him charismatic actor.

The Bhrigu Samhita is said to contain predictions on the current and future lives as well as information on the past life. These predictions will be accurate based on the actions karma of the questioner. Maharishi Bhrigu was the first compiler of predictive astrology. He compiled about , horoscopes and recorded the life details and events of various persons. This formed a database for further research and study. This study culminated in the birth of the science sastra of determining the quality of time Hora and is the Br i hat Parashara Hora sastra.


Bhrigu saral Paddhati is popularized by Saptarishiss Magazine. There are 2 types of BSPs. For example Moon Vibrates its radical position at the age of Mars Vibrates 10th from it at the age of etc. But BSPs need good intuitions. Charles was born on 14 November 9. He is passing through Jupiter-Jupiter and transit in Gemini is going to make him ascend the throne of England.

In D1 Jupiter is in his own sign Sagittarius as 6th lord and 3rd lord from 4th house. Transit Jupiter is aspecting radical Jupiter from Gemini. D 12 Jupiter is in the 4th house,simhasa sthana in Aquarius. Jupiter is strong in Aquarius Transit Jupiter is in Gemini is aspecting radical Jupiter by 9th aspect. Jupiter being hemmed between rahu -ketu and with Saturn aspect will not auger well for well being of parent The native is running Jupiter-Jupiter period. Jupiter transit carries at most importance in astrology. Jupiter is treated as the best planet in astrology which confers both spiritual and materialistic comforts of life.

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Jupiter transit and aspect is more important as it cancels several doshas in a kundali. As Saturn and rahu are conjunct in Libra, the negative effects of both get vanished by transit Jupiter Gemini is an intellectual sign which is airy in nature. Jupiter in Gemini aspects Libra and Aquarius both being Airy signs. This aspect holds well for Astrologers, Telecommunications, Satellites, scientists, media, Journalists, Authors and internet technology.

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Face book gets much social utility connecting people. Aries: Jupiter is transiting your third house. This holds good for people in media, journalists, and authors as the sign Gemini signifies the 3rd. Gains through Short term journeys, change of place, land transactions, gains through paternal business. Taurus: Jupiter will be transiting 2nd house of Gemini. As natural karaka for money, income flow, unearned money for this rasi and lagna is promising. Being 2nd house and an intellectual sign efforts get recognized for people who are under any kind of research.

Gemini: Jupiter enjoys directional strength in Lagna-1st. Those who were born Gemini Rasi, Jupiter transiting moon which is called as Gajakesari yoga gives immense benefits to people of this rasi.

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People in Banking, musicians reap benefits. Self image among circle gets glorified. Cancer: Good period for overseas travel, pursuing education overseas, Court cases probability. Good period for spiritual pursuits. Leo: Jupiter is transiting the 11th house of zodiac. Good period for children and for couple who wish to plan kids. Being 11th house Jupiter will fulfill your wishes. Get ready with your wish list folks. Monetary gains can be expected. Virgo: Jupiter is in transiting 10th house of zodiac Good for professional front.

Business ideas and ventures get materialized.

Vedic Astrology and Education

Dreams of own house, investing in property business holds well. Libra: As Saturn and Rahu transit in Libra is problematic, Jupiter by its 5th aspects the combination which offers some solace. Short term spiritual trips to religious places will ward of negative effects. Promising period for those who try for judicial, police services and allied lines. Scorpio: Natural karaka for education Jupiter is transiting the 8th house.

Students should take extra care in studies and try not to loose concentration Sudden gains could be there but still some caution is required. Should take care of health as well as avoid rash driving and quarrels Sagittarius: Jupiter is transiting the 7th house. Lagna lord aspecting lagna is a notable feature.

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Period of marriage, fructification of love matters. Gains through partnerships, overseas travel.