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Yesterday's brief enclosure for Venus may have been challenging, depending on where it fell in your chart. For example, using annual profections I'm in a first house house of health year ruled by Venus. Today, just as Venus has passed out of the enclosure I'm already starting to feel better. For those who have planets around the degree range of the mutable signs, you may have experienced this brief window of difficulty. Another example, yesterday while traveling I hit a fallen tree branch on the road and will have to buy a new tire for my car.

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The enclosure also squared a planet in my financial house. This transit may have reflected a difficult little window of circumstances thanks, also, to the dispositer of Venus being combust the Sun. Today the story changes as Venus has separated from Saturn and Mercury is cazimi. Given whatever happened yesterday you may see an interesting recovery today and tomorrow. During these brief windows it's common to see Mercury ruled things empowered: writing, communicating, strategizing, administrating, learning, translating, teaching, technical things, design, specialised skills, skill development, etc.

Or sometimes it's as though Mercury has the ability to be more persuasive, luckier, or generally more effective. Watch for this today, with Mercury in the sign of the scales, as things may level or balance out in some unexpected ways, or as the sales tip from one extreme to the other, effectively bringing something into power that has been marginalized or left out. But I'm careful to pay attention during these brief windows of time cazimi lasts not much more than a day because it's been the best way for me to personally come to see and understand the symbolism of cazimi.

Jupiter in Scorpio will emphasize the themes of protection, defense, emotional security, depth, intensity of feeling, emotional catharsis, confrontation, exploration with themes of danger, growth with themes of depth and the unconscious, expansion and the feminine, etc. We will take a full look at Jupiter in Scorpio over the next week! The Moon is moving into a trine with the Sun and Mercury and then into an opposition with Pluto and square with Uranus and Jupiter.

Not everything that grows is "good," of course, but it's a day where efforts find allies, where doors may open, and where a general feeling of progress and development is in the air. This happens because the Moon is building in light and because it's con necting harmoniously with the Sun AS the light is growing. It's easy to forget the small things right now, to get lost in the fog, or to be deceived or fudge the facts. In the next few weeks, just after the Spring Equinox, Mercury will appear as the evening star again, and in the sign of Aries, which should herald a significant change for all things related to Mercury.

Where there is currently confusion and a lack of clarity, there will once again be a sense of direction.

We'll keep our eye on this! This mutual reception by detriment may serve to bring unlikely allies together for the purpose of a single cause, or it may even unite enemies for a period of time. We may also see interesting role reversals in relationships, where the dominant partner becomes more submissive or yielding and vice versa.

We'll also keep our eyes on this transit in the weeks to come. Turn on the news or read a facebook feed and see! It's worth mentioning that Venus isn't making any aspects to any other planets during her retrograde save a conjunction with Mercury around March 18th. It's likely that around that time we will see more of Venus' retrograde symbolism appearing thanks to the translating and message carrying of Mercury. The Moon is at home in the sign of the Crab today, moving toward a trine with the Sun.


Cazimi, under the sunbeams & combust: the conjunctions of the Sun | journeys in the astral light

Meanwhile, Mercury is cazimi. The planet Mercury is in its depression, invisible behind the beams of the Sun, and yet cazimi This is happening as the Moon is waxing and moving into a trine with the Sun from her own sign of Cancer. Let's take a look at an I Ching hexagram that may speak to this unique situation. The ideograph of the hexagram shows a cooking vessel below and the stems and leaves of beans above, an image of abundance and flourishing.

Because the Moon is waxing and making a harmonious trine to the Sun, from her own domicile, the first idea is that we see rapid and successful growth right now. The image also includes the Sun at high noon. Then comes the decision: Abundance.

by David Coleman

Prosperous and smooth. The king reaches this point. Do not worry.

Cazimi in Horary Astrology

Be like the Sun at noon. The decision is a teaching about the nature of times of abundance, growth, and power. Though they are abundant and prosperous, they are short-lived and should be used wisely. When Mercury is at the heart of the Sun, receiving this very empowered trine from the Moon, it's as though there is a window of development, which we should use wisely, knowing it can't be stretched on for too long, knowing it wont' last forever, knowing we shouldn't try to make it more than it is or can be, but moving forward swiftly nonetheless.

It's sort of like someone saying, "there is a small window of kick-ass here for you right now, and if you use it effectively without getting high on it, you'll have won a very important victory within a larger battle. Part of his strategy was to make sure that the city he built didn't appear so big or ambitious as to rouse the suspicion of the tyrant.


So part of this hexagram has to do with strategic and perhaps somewhat "under the radar" periods of progress toward an eventual victory. I also think of times where you have a great idea but it's better to do something with it in the quiet than talk about it openly Outside the garrison city which was a strategic foothold there was also a divination tower built. The tower was used to get a sense of what was happening in the corrupt tyrant's court by paying attention to celestial omens the diviners could see something of the corruption and dangerous plots that were being hidden by the tyrant.

The hexagram's individual lines speak to various levels of scandal and concealment taking place in the tyrant's court and the misfortune it would lead to in the end. The lines also include the admonition to keep things simple, direct, clear, and truthful in response to corruption. And yet when we receive a clear sign of the secret dishonesty or bad intentions on the horizon, we are instructed not to start crafting our own deceptive or corrupt strategies, but rather to watch and wait for the appropriate time to meet the danger out in the open, under the clear light of the Sun at high noon Share this:.

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In the eyes of current positioning of Mars in Cancer, we are to see how the energy can be brought to life and transformed into its most potent state.

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