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Considered the luckiest day of the year by some astrologers, the Sun-Jupiter meetup can make you feel like your dreams are actually possible. They are! Has it been a while since you actually believed that? No surprise. In many ways, was like a long dues-paying phase. Maybe you got in touch with your shadow side or confronted some buried emotions that rose to the surface. The reason for that: From November 8, , until December 2, , Jupiter passed through Sagittarius and your eighth house of deep transformation and merging.

This intense zodiac sector rules birth, death, reincarnation and joint ventures. You may have been unusually private or deeply immersed in research or an all-consuming mission. This month is your cosmic coming-out party—and the planetary lineup at the end of December is here to throw an epic event! Nothing ventured, nothing gained! Celebrate your new attitude with 50—or —of your closest friends this NYE. Who knows?

Spontaneity is the key. As the calendar turns, mystical Neptune is in close contact with la luna, so you might do a collaborative ritual or lay out some vision-boarding supplies.

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In some way, making a public declaration of your commitment to your dreams can create an air of accountability. Note: is NOT the year for excessive caution. Partnerships are exciting and adventurous for you this month thanks to your celestial guardian, amorous Venus, jetting through your ninth house of new horizons and passionate Mars heating up your zone of committed relationships.

Try not to prejudge them, and you might be pleasantly surprised! Couples could be thinking about traveling or doing something a little outside the box, maybe taking a class or workshop together or testing a joint business venture with a holiday pop-up. Meanwhile, excitable Mars is powering up Scorpio and your house of committed partnership until January 3.

That could cause them to retreat, regardless of how they feel about you. Just catch the intensity when it wells up and find a healthier outlet for your passion. With fervent Mars heating up tempers, couples could argue more, but the makeup sex will be worth every harsh syllable! On December 20, vixen Venus drops anchor in Aquarius and your tenth house of long-range goals. With this renewed focus on the future, you might be intent on making things more official, whether that means putting a ring on it or exploring business opportunities with your sweetie.

If a colleague offers to make an introduction, take them up on it.

Taurus Monthly Horoscope

You never know! Key Dates: December Venus-Saturn meetup Long-range Saturn syncs up with the love planet, prompting you to question what you really want for the future. Venus helps you speak honestly and diplomatically about your hopes and dreams. For some Bulls, a long-distance connection could turn serious. Time to think big again, Taurus! All year long, expansive Jupiter has been in Sagittarius and your eighth house of investments and joint ventures.

Perfect timing because on December 2, Jupiter moves into Capricorn and your ninth house of travel, expansion, entrepreneurship and higher education. Between now and December 19, , generous Jupiter could bring tidings of great adventure. Think: a long-distance job offer, an international college degree program or work at a mission-driven startup. Your big ideas will be anchored by structured Saturn and transformational Pluto, both in Capricorn. With go-getter Mars heating up your teamwork and technology sector from November 19 until January 3, explore a collaboration!

Remember to avoid judging others casually and visiting humid places. See general introduction to Tiger Fortune in Tiger people can lay more attention on their love and family, particularly in the fourth lunar month. It is important to keep calm to deal with all problems. In second half of the year, they should look after themselves well to prevent diseases. Personality of the Tiger. Best Jobs and Working Partners.

Love Compatibility. Answers App. Tiger Luck Prediction by Month Luck Prediction by Month I have two job offers, one working as a Trainee for Consumer and Health and the other one working as a Trainee but for a company related to Car Rental Field. Earth-Tiger Here.

Horoscopes by Jamie Partridge

Well, the prediction shows that you are suitable for a trainee for consume and health. But you should also follow your heart. Find a career that you really interested in. Female born June You will get success. To head towards a foreign city, you will need some extra money, and therefore your parents might have to borrow the required money from someone.

Therefore you should not leave any stone unturned to make their dream come true.

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Taurus Horoscope ~ Taurus by Darkstar Astrology

Taurus Horoscope This year you might argue with your family members due to some reasons. Moreover, tensions can be in your family. The best thing to get rid of all this is having a conversation with your family members and working your way out to solutions. By the end of September, your family will have peace and happiness as Rahu's impact on your house of family will be over. You may have a conflict with your elder siblings between May and September. This year poses a lot of stress on your family life. There could be a struggle for your parental property.

Things will be fine soon, but don't allow them to deteriorate. You might get a chance to visit pilgrims with your family. Moreover, this time you can create a great relationship with your parents. It would be best if you had a conversation with them about things on your mind. Taurus Horoscope you need to be vigilant regarding your relationship.

You need to put your efforts to help your life partner. This year you might get a chance to welcome a new member in your family. You also need to remain concerned towards your health in November. Your health might deteriorate because of work pressure. Pay attention to your kid's health and education. Otherwise, the chances are high that you may not get good results.

In the mid of the year, kids might feel more inclined towards study or creative work, and you should fully support them. If you have been dreaming of making your children go abroad for education, there's a possibility. Taurus Horoscope This year you will find yourself quite busy at work, and this might create gaps between you and your lover. Moreover, the chances are high that you both will have a misunderstanding.

To make your life partner happy, you should spare time from your busy schedule. It would be best if you show your life partner that they are a priority in your life. In May, your lover may be upset with you over some matter. To keep your relationship smooth, you need to have control over whatever you say. If you love someone but have not told them yet, then you need to come out of the dilemma. Express your love without wondering about the result. Chances are, you will get a positive response. Furthermore, September month is indicating towards marriage with your beloved.

Planetary Influences on Taurus in 2020

Your ex-lover might find a way back into your life. Think twice before accepting back, there should not be any doubt about who you wish to live with. Regularly feed dough to a cow and move your hand on its back thrice. We expect this year will bring a lot of happiness to you. Happy New year. Thank you for visiting My Kundali.

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