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Find and nurture deep and meaningful relationships. Learn to stick with an idea and see it through to the end. Find comfort in yourself—release co-dependent behaviors.

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What kind of lover were you in a past lifetime? Allow yourself to feel and embrace your various emotional states. Family is a priority that will lead to significant healing. Self-care is necessary—as is surrounding yourself with others who are nurturing and compassionate. Establish heart-felt connections that allow you to grow emotionally and spiritually.

Your accomplishments do not define you. Overworking will isolate you and leave you unfulfilled emotionally.


Release the need to make practical decisions rather than following your intuition. There is power in what you feel. You may have issues with your mom that you need to work through. Stop letting your public image define you. A fulfilling profession can enhance your sense of self. Embrace a goal-oriented mentality, learn to prioritize, and strengthen your time management skills. Issues with your father are a focus: you can work through this by searching for a deeper understanding of his role in your life.

Live and lead confidently in your public life and decision-making. Release the need to nurture others and to take on too much. There can be an extreme fear of emotional abandonment.

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Let go of passive behaviors and the tendency to lead with shyness. Be confident in who you are and your place in this world. Expressing yourself is key—learn to embrace your individuality and expression of self.

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Gift giving can be a way you end up showing you care—thoughtful gifts and spoiling those nearest and dearest to you will bring you great joy. The tendency to react in an emotionally cold demeanor needs to go, as does the desire to be liked and accepted by everyone. Group activities can produce excellent growth, but if you are lost in the crowd and keep others at a distance, there is little to no benefit. Stop over-intellectualizing every situation. Find and make a home—commitment and establishing roots can be powerful. Wonderful ideas are born through collaboration.

Find a deeper meaning in your purpose that impacts not just yourself, but others on a macro-level. Do not respond to drama with drama—let go of over-emotional responses. Focus on others.

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Embrace new, innovative ideas. Selfish tendencies and focusing on your needs as a priority must go. Learn who earns your loyalty—not everyone is deserving. Vanity and materialism are two faults that every king and queen must sacrifice for the greater good—and, in this case, the betterment of yourself. Use logic to problem solve. Own up to your mistakes and take interest in analyzing what went wrong in order to produce better results next time. Develop the patience necessary to pay attention to details and work on technical skills.

Communicate clearly and with purpose. Hold yourself accountable for your actions and hold others accountable for their actions. Find beauty in daily routines. Disorganization will lead you nowhere—fine-tuning and paying attention to the details will pay off. Own your flaws and stop making excuses. Let your creativity flow! This is a place where your intuition and imagination rule. Focus on developing and honing your inner voice and psychic abilities.

Relationship Advice for North Node in Taurus

Trust and let go of the need to be in control. Stop looking for escapes, focus on your inner artist, and heal others through your creativity. The need or desire to be perfect can be debilitating. Overthinking can lead you to overindulge via vices or cause you to self-medicate. The need to micromanage and existing in a negative mindset can lead to isolation.

Your lesson is to find a way to explore your own sense of purpose and value, to learn to create the life you want to live and to understand that happiness is a choice — something that comes from within you, and not through other people and events. This position indicates that you tend to jump to conclusions, making snap decisions on first impressions.

You tend to put too much pressure on yourself — real or imagined — and you sometimes come across as a bit self-important.

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Part of your karmic lesson is to learn to slow down to the speed of life, be interested in the lives of others and get over your fear of being repressed. If your North Node is in Cancer , you could have a hard time surrendering control and letting others take the lead.

Your lesson is to learn to stop micromanaging everything. When you understand that vulnerability is actually a strength rather than a weakness, you can find greater happiness and fulfillment in your interactions with others. Care less about what others think of you, and spend more time pursuing your creativity and manifesting your bliss. Try to keep your head and your heart in balance, and rather than over-thinking things. A Virgo North Node reveals a tendency to try to escape the routine practicalities of your life. You feel things deeply and strongly — sometimes too intensely, which can knock you off your center and be very distressing.

Creating a routine and sticking to it is going to be one of the best things you should hope to achieve — and it may bore you to tears before you get used to it. You could be missing valuable opportunities if you do. You let your determination overrule any hunches and gut feelings that you may have, and this leads you to doing things the hard way.

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Appreciate people for who they are, not what they have or what they can do for you. If you hang onto things too tightly, you cannot open your life up to for newness.


It seems to come to you thick and fast, with little time for you to understand it before something else is happening. You can easily get lost in details and minutiae, and find it hard to commit yourself to anyone or anything. People could see you as being flighty or superficial. You want to stand out from the crowd and be recognized for your achievements. Relationships — intimate and otherwise — can be hard for you, because you want people to be who you expect them to be rather than accepting and appreciating them for who they authentically are.

You have to be willing to surrender your attachment to having your own way, and not take differences of opinion so personally if you want your partnerships, friendships, and other interactions to be pleasant and successful. If this coupling is you, then you worry too much. You overthink things, and it creates unnecessary stress and anxiety for you. You get caught up with rules and obligations and forget how to have fun. Your lesson is to learn to love and accept yourself for who you are and what you have to offer.