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Parashari Astrology includes Vimshottari dasha, Ashtakvarga, Shodashvarga, etc. Astrology chart and calculations based on your location set your Default location. Shows retrograde motion of planets, planets in Ucha neecha, Lagna in Raasi chart and more. Panchang or Hindu calendar in your local version. Muhurat - Find suitable time for special occasions in your life.

Prepare your Rashifal based on your preferred chart style. FAQs: Requires an internet connection. First 15 days - All features of the app are available. Online mode - No time limit. After 15 days - All features of the app are available. Online mode - limited to 7 mins per day. App usage in offline mode gives access only to Raasi and Navamsa.

App usage in offline mode is limited to a total of mins 7 mins per day. Offline mode will not be available if the app is re-installed. Starting from the date of installation, if the app is uninstalled within 15 days, user can avail the remaining days only by re-installing the app before the 15 day period ends 30 days in the case of subscribed users.

No Marriage in Horoscope, किस्मत में विवाह नहीं, Vedic astrological combination

Venus affliction or Moon Square Mars can bring ovary complaints or trouble. Uterus disorders: Include fibroids, uterine polyps, prolapsed uterus and uterine cancer. Lords of 6th and 8th related to each other indicate uterus disorders. Lords of 4th and 7th are placed in an inimical sign and aspected by malefic indicates urinary tract infection. Afflicted Venus in Libra may cause suppression of urine and uraemia. Moon, Venus and lord of ascendant combine with the Sun and Rahu; the native may suffer from syphilis.

Sun in 6th being aspected by Saturn indicates loss of vitality due to excess sex. Osteoporosis Although not a disease restricted to females, osteoporosis seems to prey most often women over the age of Osteoporosis is caused by low amounts of phosphate and calcium in bones, causing them to be porous, brittle and more apt to break. A skin disease causes misery, incapacity, mental suffering and economic loss to a person because of its visibility.

By carefully analysing ones horoscope, an astrologer not only can predict the exact cause of skin problems, but can also suggest some astrological remedies. Sun in ascendant aspected by Mars or Mars in ascendant aspected by sun causes chickenpox. Lords of ascendant and 6th placed together with Mars causes measles. Saturn, Mars and Jupiter placed in 4th, the native may have lingering boils besides having severe heart problems.

Dhan Yoga in astrology – How to Detect from Your Horoscope

Incest relations are considered as a social and cultural taboo in a society. Incest is a perverted and a derogative sexual behaviors or patterns of an individual indicating his mental filth and his bestial instincts. Moon: significator of mother, mental tendencies of the native. Sun: significator of father, intrinsic qualities of the person.

Dhan Yoga in Astrology - Powerful Wealth Yoga in the horoscope

Jupiter: husband, grandparents, children, father like figures. Venus: wife, semen, bed pleasures. Rahu [dragon head]: related to maternal uncle denotes sexual hunger. Ketu [dragon tail]: related to father, innate unconscious tendencies, secret relationships, unnatural sexual tendencies, and sexual dissatisfaction.

The person will be guilty of committing adultery with own mother or mother like figures like step mother, preceptor's wife, ruler's wife, brother's wife, mother of the wife. The person will be guilty of adultery with his own sisters. Both the husband and wife will be guilty of adultery. The Moon - Saturn association denotes mental depression, and sexual urge denoted by Mars-Venus association the deliberate hunters for opportunities crosses all the barriers of social and religious norms and commit incest.

Relation with the wife of the younger brother, the children of the maternal uncle is indicated. The infertility is the state of being unable to produce offspring. Astro -analysing the factors responsible for impotence and infertility in a native, we can determine the root cause of the problem. Saturn in depression in 6th or 12th house. Saturn is posited 12th from the Venus. Moon in Libra aspected by Mars, Rahu, and Saturn, the native will be impotent.

Ascendant in its own house and aspecting Venus, being posited in 7th house indicates impotence. Moon and Saturn posited in 4th or 10th from Mars indicates impotence. Lord of 6th house is associated with Mercury and Rahu and ascendant's lord is related to them in any way.

The lord of 7th joins the 6th house with Venus indicates native's wife will be frigid.

Mercury, Venus and Jupiter are all in the 8th house indicates infertility Mars is in 7th house aspected by Saturn Mars and Saturn are situated together in the 7th house Mercury join ascendant in association with the lords of the 6th and 8th indicates the native may suffer from incurable sexual diseases resulting in infertility. Some common heart diseases are coronary heart disease, hypertension, heart failure, and congenital heart disease, disorders of the heart valves, heart infections, cardiomyopathy, conduction disorders, and heart arrhythmias. The natal chart of a person can indicate whether the person is likely to have a heart disease or not. Sun afflicted by Rahu, indicates heart problems. Ascendant, 4th house and Moon afflicted by Ketu indicates malfunctions of heart. Mars and Ketu afflicting 4th house, the naive may have heart attacks in his life span. If Sun and 4th house both afflicted by Mars either by association or by conjunction, then only surgery for heart problem is possible. If they are not related in any way, then heart surgery is not possible.

Sometimes the native strives for fulfilment of desires of sensual pleasures leaving all social norms, disregarding the age, sex, and marital status of the other person. These types of over- sexed and perverted sexual- patterns or behaviours of a person generate scandals and disasters in the society. Now with the help of integrated analytical approach in astrology, we can analyse the factors responsible for derogative and perverted sexual patterns of a person.

Mars martial planet, courage, passion for carnal pleasures. Jupitersignificator of husband, in female chart. Mars, mercury and Venus in 7th, with no benefice aspects and Jupiter is not in quadrant, render the native passionate and make him seek unnatural sources of gratification.

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Different position for 7th lord 1. In ascendantthe native become highly sexual and attracted towards other women. And if 1st lord is also posited in 7th the native will become hetro-sexual. In 2nd housenative will not be satisfied with his wife. In 8th housenative will visits prostitutes, and loves others women in comparison to his wife.

In 12th house wife of the native will be highly sexual in nature. Jupiter in 6th house in a male sign makes a person sensuous. Weak Moon joins a malefic in 7th house, the native will corrupt a married women. Moon forming bad aspect with Venus, gives pleasure with other's partner. If Moon is in the 7th and debilitated, sex relations will take place with maid -servants.

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Moon in 12th house in Pisces, the native will become highly sexual. Afflicted Venus and Mercury in 7th, makes the native inclined towards secret pleasures. Mars in the 7th house with no benefices aspects, intercourse occurs with immature girls. Salvation or Liberation or Moksha in Astrology has to archive four objectives of lives viz. Dharma, Kama, Arartha and Moksha. The soul is the reflection of the Supreme Being.

A reflection in a looking glass is not injured on its breaking. In the same manner, the soul, the reflection of the Supreme Being mirrored in the internal sense, endures as long as the reflecting medium, the internal sense, exists. By carefully observing a correct horoscope a learned astrologer can predict, whether a person can or cannot attain the highest level of consciousness and the ultimate goal of liberation or moksha. Jupiter: is a religious planet.


Saturn: is a spiritual planet. Sun: indicates soul of a person. Moon: indicates one's mental state. Sun joining Saturn or mutual aspecting each other or in quadrant to each other, makes a person notable in spiritual field. In astrology the Sun represents one's soul and its strength. The Sun in 12th house indicates marked improvement in later part of life in the field of spiritualism.

Placement of Jupiter or Ketu [Dragon's tail] or both in 12th houses, indicates salvation in this birth or the next birth happens with less intensity of pain and struggle. Moon joining or aspecting Saturn may give mass-support for the spiritual practices. Saturn place in 9th house, makes a person the seeker of liberation or moksha. Lords of 5th, 9th and 10th combined in 12th house, gives salvation to the native.

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Moon and Saturn posited in each other's house, aspecting each other. Generally everybody thinks of a pleasant and peaceful married life. But in some cases either the individual lives without marriage at all or marriages very late in the life. Now we have to see the reasons for delay and denial of marriage using the science of astrology.